Watch controlled explosion of IED by Greek police (video)

The case has been referred to the counter-terrorism unit

Greek police are on high alert after discovering a suspicious package at the Zografou Police Department which was subsequently destroyed via a controlled explosion by the bomb disposal squad called in.

The Improvised explosive device (IED) was made up of an iron pipe, small amounts of explosive material and cables.

According to sources, the object was found on a wall located at the university campus, at the back of the police station.

Apart from the bomb disposal squad dispatched on the scene, fire department vehicles, as well as emergency ambulance machines, are also present.

Following this development, the counter-terrorism unit has taken over the investigation of the case.

Initial information points to a new type of explosive device in combination with an incendiary mechanism which was placed in a metal tube inside a box, with the addition of some explosive material attached to a backpack containing a backpack of Molotov cocktails.