Police officer found tied and beaten in house full of Pakistanis

Police are investigating what might have led to the incident

Police officers of the special motorcycle unit “Dias” were shocked to discover a colleague tied up and beaten when they raided a flat in Nikea at dawn on Thursday where a group of Pakistanis was residing. It all started when a citizen called the police over loud noises coming from the neighbouring apartment, fearing it might be a burglary.
The responding officers who arrived on the scene were initially attacked by a group of Pakistanis but managed to repel them and force their way into the house. To their shock, they found another police officer in bad condition tied up and gagged.

The police officers apprehended the Pakistanis and took them to the local police station while their 34-year-old colleague was taken to a hospital where he was hospitalised for ear injuries he had sustained. Police are investigating whether the officer, who was serving in the Sports Violence Department had illicit dealings with the foreigners and whether this led to his beating.