Police officer tied up and beaten by Pakistanis charged with robbery

The police officer had robbed the Pakistanis with three other accomplices

The police officer who was found tied up and beaten in a house rented out to 6 Pakistanis, was charged with robbery and as an accessory, Friday. The police officer was found bound and gagged in an apartment in the suburb of Nikea Thursday at dawn when police officers of the special motorised unit of DIAS responded to a call by a neighbour who thought a burglary was taking place.

Following a full and methodical investigation by the internal affairs team, police established a case-file against the officer, as the findings corroborated the testimony of the Pakistanis.
The Pakistanis, who were taken to the local police station for questioning after being arrested on Thursday, said in their oral statements that a police officer with three other men had invaded their apartment and tied all six of them up, before taking all the money and tobacco products.

When three of the four perpetrators left, the policeman stayed behind with the tied up Pakistanis. One of the Pakistanis managed to free himself and immobilise the police officer. He then untied his compatriots and they proceeded to torture the police officer.

The police are also investigating if the other three individuals are also members of law enforcement, and if there have been other similar cases over the past two years. Access to the bank accounts and the phone calls police officer has been granted to authorities.