Pompeo-Dendias meeting: Athens calls for a clear condemnation of the Turkish provocations

“Greece is a pillar of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkans and an important NATO ally”

Greece is a pillar of stability in the eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans and is a major ally of the United States in NATO, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote on Twitter after meeting in Washington with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias.

Mr Pompeo added that he looks forward to continuing the close co-operation with Athens in order to promote “stability and prosperity” in the region.

Mr. Dendias, for his part, said he had asked the US to express their support to Greece in a clear way regarding the Turkish provocations in the Aegean and the violation of the rights of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Greek Foreign Minister added that he called for a “clear line of communication, in case there is any issue regarding our relations with Turkey, which could be useful for the clear and immediate positioning of the US”. “The Americans took note of it and will answer us”, he said.

Mr. Dendias invited Mr. Pompeo to visit Athens in the autumn when the second round of the Strategic Dialogue of the two countries will take place.