President of Hospital doctors Pagoni expressed her concerns over ICU capacity

She said the conditions in hospitals were dire

The President of the Hospital Doctors, Matina Pagoni, expressed her concern about the situation in the hospitals due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Greece.

Speaking to MEGA on Friday morning, she said characteristically that “things in hospitals are very dire. There is a 90% capacity of ICUs. We are starting the fortnight after the lockdown, and now, from next week, we expect a reduction in cases and admissions. We do not expect an immediate reduction of patients in the ICU “.

Regarding the lockdown and the imminent announcements for the extension of the restrictive measures, Ms. Pagoni said that “based on the data, let’s see if, from March 15, we will be able to recommend an opening”. She even identified this opening by saying that schools could start, children could go, and people could go to a store with special conditions to shop.

“For Easter, I have said for a long time that it will be with measures, masks, distancing, and with attention to the number of people. No, it will not be like last year. Everything will depend on what batches of vaccines we get,” she pointed out.

Speaking about the vaccination certificate, she said that “In order for me to go abroad where I want to go to a conference, of course, I want to have a green card to show it and finish. I can not be quarantined in hotels.”

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