Priest kills pet dog! Shocking footage! (warning: disturbing video)

Priest arrested and will face trial

A shocking video showing a dead dog with a fresh shot wound to its body has emerged. The horrific footage was captured by a neighbour of a 74-year-old priest, who had allegedly shot his pet with a carbine after stringing it from a tree. The disturbing incident occurred in the village of Epia in Messinia, in the southwest Peloponnese. In the 22-second video the man who videoed the incident can be heard saying that the priest killed the dog a short while before. The priest was taken into custody after the man who captured the footage informed law enforcement authorities. According to local news site, the priest told police he killed his dog because it suffered from a debilitating disease and wanted to prevent it from dying a painful death. The priest was taken to the local prosecutor who charged him under the animal cruelty laws, while he was also charged illegal possession of a weapon The priest was released and will stand trial on Monday. If the judge finds him guilty of the charges he could face a minimum of one year in prison and a fine between 5,000 and 15,000 Euros.