Pro-Skopje group requests “Macedonian” language to be included in Greek public schools

The group AMKE filed an official request to the Ministry of Education

An extreme pro-Skopjan filed an official request to the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs for the inclusion in the Greek school curriculum of the lesson of the so-called “Macedonian” language.

The group called AMKE “Krste Misirkov” is based in Aridea Pella, and chaired by the defrocked priest Nikodimos Tsarknias.

AMKE in its letter calls for the application of a provision of the … Treaty of Sevres of 1923, which provides for “the provision of facilities for teaching languages other than Greek in public education schools”.

Along with a letter to the Municipality of Edessa, Tsarknias is requesting a school classroom to provide “Macedonian” language lessons online.

“This program will cater for citizens in Edessa, will be a pilot programme, and have a limited number of participants and be provided free of charge by the AMKE Krste Misirkov “, which will cover the costs of internet connection use of the teaching platform and the required equipment,” the letter says.

In the letter, Tsarknias signs with his secular name, Nikolaos, as the Orthodox Church has defrocked him.

Apart from Tsarknias, Eugenia Natsoulidou, a former spokesman for the extreme Skopje ‘United’ Macedonian ‘Diaspora’ group is also in charge AMKE.