Prominent pawnbroker Richardos arrested over gold-smuggling ring

A total of 59 people were arrested in the operation

A total of 59 people were arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday in Greece on charges of participating in an international gold-smuggling ring.

Among those rounded up around the wider Athens area, was prominent pawnbroker Dimitris Richardos Mylonas who made frequent appearances on a telemarketing TV channel.

Following month-long investigations, police believe the gang was stealing gold items and other precious metals from pawnshops and melting them down and turn them into gold bars before smuggling them out of Greece.

Richardos Mylonas is believed to have played a central role in the whole operation.
A Turkish-Armenian and a Syrian, who was allegedly responsible for “pushing” the smuggled goods to Turkey, were both key figures in the operation, while a police officer was also involved.
A large quantity of gold, silver, as well as weapons, cash, and numerous jewelry items, were also confiscated.