Protothema presents a song by Manos Eleftheriou and George Dalaras about Vangelis Giakoumakis (video)

The song “In the Land of Innocent” is dedicated to the young student who died after being bullied in 2015 exclusively brings to the Greek public the unreleased song based on a poem by Manos Eleftheriou called “In the Land of Innocent” dedicated to a young man whose life was cut short, Vangelis Yakoumakis.

The lyrics are performed by Miltos Paschalidis and George Dalaras.

The death of Vangelis Yakoumakis, a student at the Ioannina Agricultural School, 2015 brought to light the problem of bullying, a relatively unknown social issue in Greece.

The life and death of 21-year-old Vangelis inspired the great Manos Eleftherios three years before he passed away in 2018 to write about Vangelis:

“In the heavens, they will recognise who you were.
They know. The halo gold.
You will illuminate the nights of the people who will live
and have both death and light.”