Protothema presents the government’s “Holistic Growth Plan” strategy

The 106-page plan is an attempt to persuade its creditors that it has a growth plan in the post-memo era

Protothema has managed to get a hold of the entire plan for the development of the Greek economy presented at the cabinet meeting.

Titled “Greece: A Growth Strategy for the Future”, the government is trying to present its growth strategy in a 106-page paper and persuade lenders that it has a strategy for the post-memo era. brings to light the famous holistic program consisting of five chapters:

– Financial sustainability

– Sustainable development

– Structural conditions for development

– Fair and inclusive growth

– and Financing Development 80
The government, while pointing out that a reduction in business and citizens’ tax is necessary, reassures its lenders that it will only be done if the fiscal margins allow.

The government’s fiscal reform strategy, as presented in the relevant analysis consists of the following key actions:
– utilising the national property registrar
– expanding the use of electronic payments through regulatory decisions and incentives for taxpayers
-broadening the tax base and combating tax evasion
– cross-checking tax returns and bank accounts to deal with major tax evasion cases
– combating tobacco and alcohol smuggling
– providing tax incentives for businesses through the new Development Law and the Strategic Investment Act
– ensuring fair arrangements for public debtors through the out-of-court mechanism (OCW)


read the complete plan in Greek here