Pulse poll: ND leads with 19.5 points difference from SYRIZA

On the question regarding the most suitable for Prime Minister Mitsotakis leads with 50% against 24% for Tsipras

New Democracy maintains a difference of 19,5% against SYRIZA, according to a poll by Pulse, which was presented tonight on SKAI TV.

Specifically, New Democracy receives 42,5%, compared to 23% of SYRIZA, with a third force being the KINAL with 6%, followed by the KKE with 5%, the Greek Solution of Mr. Velopoulos with 3,5% and G. Varoufakis’ MERA25 at the threshold of 3%.

The ND-SYRIZA difference is one point smaller than in May, due to an increase in the percentage of the main opposition party from 22% to 23%.

The Prime Minister and President of ND Kyriakos Mitsotakis maintains an emphatic lead of 26 points against the leader of the main opposition, SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras, on the question about the most suitable for Prime Minister with 50% against 24%, while 21% answered “neither”.

Surprisingly, 57% believe that the Prime Minister should reshuffle the government as a corrective move.

A total of 75% of the citizens consider the government’s stance towards the pandemic as “positively” or “rather   positively”, while 19% see it as “negatively” or “rather negatively”.

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Regarding the evaluation of Sotiris Tsiodras, 79% have a positive opinion and only 16% have negative opinion.

Around 44% are worried about the the relaxation of the measures regarding the coronavirus, while 27% say “moderate” and 20% state “little” worried.

Finally, 54% believe that the financial support measures are in a positive direction and 37% are expressing a negative opinion.