Pulse survey: 62% Greeks against Prespes Agreement

New Democracy leads by over 10 points over SYRIZA

According to a survey conducted by Pulse, 62% of Greeks believe the Prespes Agreement was bad.

The survey aired on Skai TV’s nightly news bulletin showed that 62% of the respondents were opposed the agreement, while 27% of those asked considered it good. As for the voting intentions of the polled sample, the gap between major opposition party New Democracy (ND) and ruling SYRIZA remains at 10.5 points, with a reduction to the valid ones (9.5 percentage points in the voting intention).

An interesting point is that 40% of those who voted or SYRIZA in the 2015 general elections said they found the agreement negative.

ND received 33% on voting intention, while SYRIZA got 22.5% of the support.
Both parties have lost half a percentage unit compared to the corresponding December survey, both seeming to have suffered political damage during the culmination of the ratification process of the Prespes Agreement.
Extreme right party “Golden Dawn” came in third, standing at 8%, boosting its position by one percent. The Change Movement (KINAL) followed with 6.5%) and the Communist party KKE with 6%, both losing half a point.