Radio Hellas 3XY in Melbourne organises radiothon for Greece fire victims

The general manager of the media group is in Greece to assess the fire-stricken areas

The Greek diaspora of Australia is once again showing their support to their fellow-Greeks in the motherland in these trying times for the country after the deadly wildfires in Attica claimed the lives of tens of people while turning thousands of acres of land into ashes off the coastal region.

The Hellenic Community of Victoria has shown an overwhelming to assist the victims by making donations through a Radiothon organised by 3XY Radio Hellas, the premier Greek Radio Station of Melbourne, Australia.

Images of desperate people huddling together by the sea to escape flames and smoke from the blaze, thousands of homes and cars burnt to a cinder, the scenes of devastation, loss of life and heartbreak, touched us all. Many Greeks flooded the call centre of the 3XY Radio Hellas, expressing their desire to help in any way possible. The response of the radio station was immediate. The 3XY Radiothon was organised in a matter of hours as the General Manager of the group Spiros Alatsas explains:

“It was quite obvious that we had to act quickly and organize ourselves to start the Radiothon and provide the platform and the mechanism for our community to make pledges to raise money in order to help the victims of this catastrophic fire. After contacting the two banks that have been servicing and supporting our community for years, Bank of Sydney (formerly Laiki Bank) and MD Miltos Mihaelas and, Delphi Bank (formerly Bank of Cyprus) and MD Jim Sarris, each quickly facilitated and opened accounts for the 3XY Radiothon fire appeal.”

The 3XY Radiothon commenced on Friday 27 July at 7am and is still going strong.

Listeners are asked to ring the station and make their pledges. They then visit a branch of either of the two banks to deposit their donations into the 3XY Radiothon Fire Appeal account of their choice.
The Greek Media Group has been in existence for over 22 years and has conducted many fundraising drives over the years, raising millions of dollars for the Melbourne Greek Australian community service providers.

In 2007, 3XY Radio, with the huge support and trust of the Melbourne Hellenic – Australian community, raised nearly one million dollars for the then fire victims of the deadly Ilia wildfires.

Mr Alatsas promised that the distribution of funds raised by the Radiothon will be managed and distributed with the utmost transparency to the area and directly to the people affected. This will be done by a special committee which will include community leaders that will be set upon the return of Mr Alatsas from Greece in a few weeks to assess the best possible options to reach and help the people directly affected.

Mr Alatsas also added:
“It is overwhelming to see that our community trusts our organization in such a big way.

We, as always respect this trust and will certainly do our best to ensure that the funds raised reach the devastated people in the most transparent and effective way.

Whilst in Greece Mr Alatsas will be visiting the area and will be speaking to many people to assess and bring back options for the special committee to consider.

For further information contact:

Hellenic Museum – Former Royal Mint Building
Level 2, 280 William Street, Melbourne
Victoria, Australia, 3000
T: (03) 9602 1422
F: (03) 9602 4545

or Mr Alatsas direct on 0411877222