Rafale – Footage of the aircraft in Greek colours (video)

The Hellenic Air Force firepower is expected to increase dramatically with the acquisition of the planes

The first two Rafale jets Greece acquired from France have been dressed in blue and white so that the Greek pilots of the Air Force can make their first flights.

Specifically, the flights recorded on video were made in France, at the Merignac base near Bordeaux, where the training of Greek pilots continues. These are the pilots who will be certified as trainers so that with the arrival of the state-of-the-art aircraft in Greece at the beginning of the new year, they will train the “hawks” of the 332 Squadron.

If the agreement timetable is met, the Air Force expects to have six twin-engine fighter jets at the end of 2021, 12 at the end of 2022, and 18 in the summer of 2023.

Air superiority

With the acquisition of the Rafale fighter jets, the Hellenic Air Force firepower is expected to increase dramatically. The plane’s advanced systems offer great air superiority. The active electronically scanned array (AESA) sensor package and the Spectra electronic warfare system, considered the top available system in the world, help Rafale pilots detect and target enemy aircraft from a greater distance.

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