Refugee flows rise, as Greek islands come under immense pressure

More than 11,000 refugees and illegal immigrants are in the Moria Centre

A total of 454 refugees and illegal migrants arrived in the past two days, according to information from the North Aegean Police Directorate General.

Of these, 228 crossed into Greek territory yesterday and another 226 today.

Meanwhile, the flows of refugees and illegal immigrants were also up in other islands in the north Aegean Sea, as 81 arrived on Chios and 220 entered Samos, bringing the total number of people who arrived in north Aegean islands to 527 who were taken to the Reception and Identification Centre, and applied for asylum.

The Moria Reception and Identification Centre, which hosts more than 11,000 people, has been overburdened, with the overwhelming majority of the refugees and illegal immigrants living in makeshift shacks on estates either rented out by NGOs or arbitrarily occupied.