Refugees find new route for entry into Europe via Bulgaria

Human trafficking rings back in business

Following tighter controls in the Aegean Sea by the combined efforts of patrol ships from NATO, Greece and Turkey after the activation of the EU-Turkey refugee agreement, refugees are choosing a different route to reach central Europe. The refugees and migrants have chosen an alternative route via Bulgaria to move towards the continent, despite greater dangers. Nearly 200 refugees and migrants are being arrested on a daily basis in Austria who are using the new route. Austrian newspaper ‘Die Presse’ reports that the closed Greek-FYROM borders have forced the refugees to seek new ways to reach their target countries to the north. According to the newspaper report, 80 percent of the refugee flows have used the Bulgaria-Serbia route to move into other European countries. ‘It was the worst country, says an Afghani migrant about Bulgaria. ‘Police found us in the forest. they beat us, took our mobile phones and money’, he told the Austrian newspaper. The head of the Serbian centre for asylum services, Radosh Djurovic says the Aegean Sea route might have been sealed off, but the flows of refugees do not seem to have been curtailed. ‘The Balkan route is not closed, with the human trafficking networks back in business’, he says.