Repeated signals coming to Earth from another galaxy, scientists say

And the source could be surprisingly close…


Numerous repeated signals are being sent through the universe to Earth, scientists say.

Researchers have detected eight repeating blasts of energy, or fast radio bursts (FRB), that have been picked up on Earth by telescopes.

The discovery could mark a major breakthrough for researchers as they attempt to discover the source of the mysterious signals.

Scientists found the first FRB in 2007, and have found dozens since. But they have only confirmed two that repeat.

Repeating FRBs are so valuable because they offer researchers the opportunity to predict where they might come from, and study them in more detail. As such, discovering eight more repeating bursts could provide huge value to the researchers who are attempting to find where the bursts are coming from.

That source could be surprisingly close. The researchers suggest that one of the bursts could be coming from a galaxy that neighbours own Milky Way – though caution that further work will need to be done to discover more about the bursts.

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