Dolph Lundgren’s hot daughter can kick your butt (photos)

The 23-year-old babe is a model

Dolph Lundgren was one of the most badass actors-slash-martial-artists of our time. He passed on his love of martial arts to his beautiful daughter Ida giving her all the tips she needs to know about how to defend herself.

Father and daughter look really good during their training sessions. Just like Dolph’s character in Rocky IV, Ivan Drago, his 23-year-old daughter was asked to show off her amazing skills on the boxing ring as well. And, boy, did she deliver! In this photoshoot for Muscle&Fitness, Dolph is probably showing Ida some secret moves and teaches her about the weak spots and how important the footwork is.

So, for all those guys out there, you better think twice before asking the hot model out on a date, because apart from her dad you will probably get your ass kicked by the pretty blonde too.


Blending in

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