‘Rubicon’ extremist group head provocative interview to online portal

We want to be more dangerous, one of the leaders threatens

The hooded extremists of ‘Rubicon’, who had attacked the offices of Protothema in April, are threatening to upgrade their violent operations in an interview to portal ‘HIT&RUN’. One of the leaders of the group, which has become rampant under the ‘cover’ of SYRIZA’s laws, George Kalaitzidis told the site that the group plans to expand, become more organised and in its raids. ‘The more the merrier’, said Kalaitzidis. He warns the group will improve its violent ‘operational’ tactics, threatening the whole political system. ‘Rubicon is not a closed club, our desire is not to even be a team, but become a trend’, said Kalaitzidis. He made it clear that a militant struggle was part of the ‘movement’s’ identity. On the attacks against Protothema, Kalaitzidis was vague and avoided responding to the risks of harming workers. He used harsh words of criticism against the media promising to carry out more attacks.