Russian Defence Minister confirms Su-57 stealth fighters tested in Syria (video)

The Russian Minister said the combat tests were successful

The Russian Defence Minister, Sergey Shoigu said the 5th generation Su-57 stealth fighters performed 2 days of combat tests in Syria. Following media speculation about Russia’s fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets, Russia’s defense minister has confirmed they were indeed deployed for tests in Syria. However, there were just two days of combat and other tests. They are touted as capable of facing the US F-22 Raptors, being deployed to Syria last week. “They really were there. Not for long, just two days. Over this time they conducted a trial program, including a combat trial,” Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told journalists on Thursday.

“There were two jets which were accompanied by laboratory aircraft, and planes which monitored the work of weapon systems.”

Earlier reports based on footage of the aircraft in Syria and interpretation of Israeli satellite images claimed four Su-57th were deployed to the Russian airbase Khmeimim.

“I can tell you that the trial was successful. The planes have returned home a week ago,” Shoigu added. “As for the photos, which had been published – I don’t know where they came from. The planes were inside hangars all the time [when parked].”