The meeting of Samaras with Morali in context of Piraeus issues has been completed

The newly elected mayor is opposed to the city’s port privatization and he also stressed that Piraeus should benefit from the ports operation

The meeting between the Greek Prime Minister Mr. Antonis Samaras with the newly elected Mayor of Piraeus Mr. Gianni Morali has been completed.

The two man today at the Maximu Mansion discussed the important issues that the city of Piraeus is facing, with the main topic being the port, which Mr. Moralis opposed to its privatization. He said that Piraeus should benefit from the ports operation.

Mr. Moralis also stated that: “We agreed on a permanent ongoing cooperation between the Government and the Municipality of Piraeus, in order to improve issues occur in Piraeus and resolve problems that historically exist in our city. ”

Other subjects on the agenda other than the port, were the economics of the city of Piraeus, the court and the cooperation between the municipality and the government.