Second hacking case: Linkedin was hacked & 500 million people’s info was stolen

What information was stolen?

Linkedin, the world’s largest job search and online CV sharing site, experienced a huge technical deficit. After the deficit, account data of 500 million people were stolen from Linkedin. Hackers who accessed the database put Linkedin in a very difficult situation.

Hackers, who put the information they obtained from Linkedin for sale on the dark web, demand very serious payments. The hacker group, asking for at least $ 1000 per data, has already sold some information.

Linkedin users faced the same situation this time after Facebook was hacked and there was a serious data gap. The leaked information includes Linkedin IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, gender, links, and social media links. The fact that credit card information is not leaked, on the other hand, relieves the users a bit.

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MKBNews made some purchases to check if the information sold by the hackers is genuine. After the payment, the data sent to MKBNews by the Hacker group consists entirely of real Linkedin data.

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