Serbia: 15 countries and counting, revoke recognition of Kosovo

Among the countries that have recognized Kosovo’s independence are the US & most of the EU members, barring five – Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Cyprus & Romania


With Togo becoming the fifteenth country to revoke its recognition of Kosovo, according to Serbia’s foreign minister, Belgrade has moved closer to its goal of having half of UN member states not recognizing its former province’s independence.

Serbia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic, told Pink television that Kosovo’s recognition, declared in 2008, has already been withdrawn by 15 states, including Madagascar, Suriname, Burundi and Papua New Guinea. According to Serbian representatives, the number of countries that consider Kosovo an independent state has fallen below 100.

Togo announced the recognition of Kosovo in July 2014, when its Foreign Minister Robert Dussey stated that “Togo is dedicated to lobby and do its utmost to influence the states that have not yet recognized Kosovo to recognize it.”

However, Dacic said this recognition has been quashed by a note which he received in June and indicated that one more African state decided to annul its recognition.

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