Severe weather to hit Athens

The severe weather reports is in full effect

The severe weather affecting areas in the Peloponnese, Ionian and Macedonia since Wednesday morning is expected to hit the Attica  region within the next hours.

The areas of Mesinia in the Peloponnese, as well as the islands of Zakynthos and Corfu in the Ionian Sea suffered extensive floods from the heavy rainfall.

The severe weather warning is in full force, and most areas of the country are facing heavy thunderstorms and strong gales from early Wednesday morning.

Western Macedonia and the Peloponnese have also been hot by the harsh weather with heavy rains in most of these areas.

Forecasts for Athens warn of clouds with an increased chance of local rain or thunderstorms. The phenomena are expected to hit hard in the western parts of the county, while concentration of dust levels is expected to be high. Winds will have a south-east direction between 3 to 5 beaufort. Temperatures in the city of Athens will range from 15 to 21 degrees.