Severe weather warning – Heavy snowfall and thunderstorms across Greece

The phenomena will be felt on the weekend

The Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS) issued a severe weather warning report on Thursday afternoon, as the country is forecast to experience a sudden drop in temperature and snowfall.

From noon on Saturday, the bad weather is expected to affect the west and the north and gradually on Sunday the low-pressure front will move to cover the rest of the country, with the main characteristics being:

1. Local heavy snowfall

2. A substantial drop in temperature from north to south gradually, of the order of 14-18 degrees Celsius and strong frost

3. Highly stormy north winds, locally at a choppy level in the Aegean

4. Heavy rains and thunderstorms

Snowfalls will occur from Saturday noon in the mountains and semi-mountains regions of the central and northern country and gradually in the lowland areas of northern Greece. The effects will be intense in western and central Macedonia, Thessaly, central Sterea, and temporarily in Epirus.

On Sunday (14-02-2021) the heavy snowfall will also affect areas of eastern Macedonia, Thrace, the islands of the northern Aegean, the Sporades, the mountains and semi-mountains of eastern Sterea, Euboea, and the mountainous areas in the Peloponnese.