Severe weather warning issued for next days

Heavy rainfalls, strong winds and temperature drop

The Greek Meteorological Services (EMY) has issued a severe weather warning staring from late Thursday. According to the emergency forecast, the weather will deteriorate substantially with heavy rainfalls, low temperatures, strong winds and topical hail starting on Thursday and Friday, October 28. The severe phenomena are expected to hit the regions the Ionian islands, western and northern Peloponnese, western mainland Greece and possibly in local regions of Epirus and Thessaly. Strong east and northeasterly winds 6 and locally up to 9 on the Beaufort scale are expected to cover the country while temperatures will fall between 5 and 7 points Celsius. The General Secretariat of Civil Protection & Administrative Reconstruction has informed all local and state government bodies to be on heightened alert in the event of emergency incidents. For more information and official announcements visit and