Severe weather warning: Snow and heavy rainfall to hit from Tuesday night

Snow and heavy rain in many areas

The Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS) issued a severe weather warning bulletin for late Tuesday night, with heavy rains and thunderstorms, snow and stormy winds.

The extreme weather conditions will start in the northwest with the key features including snow and heavy winds.

From early Wednesday the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of northern Greece and the mountains of Thessaly and central Sterea will see snowfall. From midday, the snow will gradually spread to all mountainous and semi-mountainous regions of the central country, as well as lowland areas to the north. Snowfall will be dense in some areas, mainly in the north.

On Thursday, there will be occasional snow in the aforementioned areas, while it is also forecast to affect the lowlands of Thessaly, as well as areas of lower altitude (between 200-400 metres and possibly transient in the afternoon) in central, eastern Sterea and Euboea.

Heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms, with local hailstorms, will affect the regions of the Ionian Sea, Epirus and western Sterea. From the afternoon, the phenomena will gradually move into the Peloponnese, the islands of the north and east Aegean and the Dodecanese and late in the evening the Cyclades and Crete.