Sex on the balcony during G20 Summit! (video)

Couple doing their “business” while police clash with anarchists in streets of Hamburg

When it comes to sexual fantasies and what turns someone on to is really a subjective matter. One person’s meat another’s poison, as the saying goes. Some couples like an indoors romantic setting with candles burning, soft music etc. But for the more outdoorsy types that just does’t cut it. They prefer the freedom and scent of nature. But this couple took the outdoors theme to a whole new level. During the recent clashes in Hamburg, Germany between the black bloc anarchists and the police at the G-20 Summit, a couple were “caught” having sex on a balcony while mayhem was under way on the streets below them. Maybe the sound of police sirens and the sight of petrol bombs just did it for them…Who are we to judge them….