Shocking! 130 children die in Yemen every day from starvation! (video)

Aid groups estimate over 50,000 children have died so far in 2017 in war-torn country

An estimated 130 children or more die every day in war-torn Yemen from extreme hunger and disease, an international aid group has said.
Save the Children said a continuing blockade by the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Shiite rebels is likely to further increase the death rate.
It says more than 50,000 children are believed to have died in 2017.
Saudi Arabia blocked Yemen’s ports after a rebel missile attack near Riyadh. However, it said on Monday the coalition would lift the blockade after widespread international criticism.
The UN and over 20 aid groups have said the blockade could bring millions of people closer to “starvation and death”.
Over the past two years, more than 10,000 people were killed and three million displaced amid the coalition’s air campaign.

source: AP