Satanic sacrifice in Kefalonia: Shocking details emerge! (photos-video)

German man and Bulgarian woman kill themselves for Satan

The Greek public is in shock as more details on the bizarre death of the tourist couple in Kefalonia come to light. From the forensic evidence collected by police so far, the couple, a 30-year-old German man and his 23-year-old Bulgarian partner appear to have taken their own lives as part of a satanic ceremony. The tourists had rented a room at a hotel in the village of Vlachata in the island of Kefalonia.


The coroner found that the Bulgarian girl, identified as Lilia Botusheva, had many older scars and cuts on her body, suggesting she had taken part in similar rituals in the past. After she slashed her wrists, which resulted in her death, her 30-year-old companion slit his own wrists, but the bleeding in him did not cause his death, and he finally took his life in the bathroom by stabbing himself in the chest.
According to the evidence, their death occurred last Saturday on New Year’s Eve, 24 hours before the first full moon of the year, which is considered the light of the year and often associated with such satanic ceremonies.


23-year-old Lilia Botuseva from Bulgaria had disappeared since 8 June 2017 and hers were seeking her. Her siblings had uploaded her pictures to social media asking anyone who knows something to contact the police or the family.


The couple arrived in Greece with a car the 30-year-old man had rented in Germany which he had fitted with fake license plates, as he intended not to return.


According to coroner Angeliki Tsiola, the 30-year-old and the 23-year-old began to self-injure themselves with a blade. The girl’s bleeding was such that she died. Once the man saw the girl dead, he moved to the bathroom, sat in a tub, filled it with water and put a knife through his heart.