Shocking! Men gang-rape 8-month pregnant woman in India

Police are in search of perpetrators

An 8-month pregnant woman was allegedly gang-raped by 4 men in the Sangli district of Maharashtra, India on Tuesday, with the perpetrators locking her husband in a car during the crime.

One of the accused lured the couple to a spot to meet people interested in begin employed at their hotel. There his accomplices pounced on the two and assaulted them with sticks and pipes and robbed them of the cash and the woman’s jewellery. They then tied and gagged the husband and locked him inside a vehicle before raping his wife.
According to the news agency IANS, an official of Tasgaon police station said, that the husband and wife were seeking a to hire couple for their hotel business.
Nearly 48 hours after the horrific incident, no arrests were made but police are in search of the culprits.