Shocking moment man pinned by 120kg barbell! (video)

Incident occurred in Australia

A Queensland man has been filmed dropping a 120kg barbell on his neck in what has been the second gym-related accident in a week.
The horrifying clip, which was caught on CCTV at Genesis gym at Morayfield, Brisbane, shows 28-year-old Jason Layt attempting a heavy lift without a spotter.
The bar suddenly falls from his grip and onto his chest, pinning the gym-goer down for 17 seconds, before it rolls onto his throat and he is forced to wrench his neck to one side in hopes of wriggling free.
Mr Layt was only freed once other members noticed he was in trouble.
The accident landed the 28-year-old in hospital with a neck brace for more than five hours as he admits the experience left him ‘shaking.’