Uproar following allegations that primary school principal sexually harassed students!

Parents threatened to take their children out of school if he stayed on

The principal of the Nea Styra primary school in the island of Euboea has resigned from his position following allegations that he had sexually harassed students. The educator was forced to take a compulsory leave after a decision by the Education Ministry on Wednesday, but he willingly handed in his resignation as the school’s principal today, even though he remained on as a teacher.

According to reports, parents of students at the school had accused him of sexually harassing their children and threatened to take them out of school if he was not removed. The parents of one of the alleged victims of sexual harassment said her daughter had told her about what had happened and that she had learned that more incidents had taken place in her child’s classroom. “My child, 10 years old, filed a deposition to the Karystos District court without the presence of a child psychologist”, she said.
The parent and guardians’ organisation had raised the issue last October informing the competent branch of the Education Ministry on the island.