Shocking video shows gang trying to grab schoolboy off the street! (video)

Incident occurred in Buenos Aires

A brave schoolboy managed to escape after two men allegedly tried to capture and bundle him into a car in a feared kidnapping attempt.
Terrifying CCTV footage shows the moment the 13-year-old is approached by the men, who get out of a car and grab hold of him.

The clip, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, shows a Fiat Linea pulling across the road slowly as the lad walks on the path beside it in dim light.
As it gets level with him, a man jumps out and apparently grabs the boy, later identified only as Sebastian, around the head.
Another man jumps out too and seems to join in trying to overpower the youngster.
But after a struggle, Sebastian escapes, leaving his rucksack in one alleged attacker’s hand.
As he sprints away, the pair get back in their car and it moves off, apparently driven by an unseen third person.
Sebastian’s mum, named only as Veronica, claimed the incident had been an attempted abduction.
However, in the footage, it is not clear whether the men were allegedly trying to bundle the schoolboy into the vehicle.
Police say they are treating the incident as a robbery.
Veronica, who did not give more details as to a possible motive, said her son had been having psychological treatment since the alleged attack.
Officers have so far made no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.
The case is under the supervision of Dr Daniel Ichazo, head of Berazategui Prosecutor’s Office No. 1, headed by prosecutor Daniel Ichazo.