Shocking: Why Gibson destroyed the Firebird X’s in the viral video!

Given Gibson’s attempts at turning a new leaf regarding quality control, the decision to do away with a product that could be a problem makes sense

The Internet is abuzz with Gibson USA questions again this week after a video gained national attention earlier today.

The video, posted by former Gibson – Memphis employee BJ Wilkes on his BJ’s World Youtube channel, shows hundreds of Gibson Firebird X models being lined up on the ground and destroyed by a large excavator.

The video set the guitar loving Internet on fire with criticism up into the evening. Mostly questioning why the guitars couldn’t have been parted out of donated to charity.

The Firebird X is one of, if not the least-loved firebird models of all time. For collectors, I imagine there is no love lost.

Wilkes did a great interview today with Brad the Guitologist (see video below) where he referred to himself as a “Gibson representative” sent to oversee the destruction.

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