Significant distinction at an International Scientific Conference for two high school students from Ioannina, Greece

One more success from Greek high schools students

Two high school students from Ioannina were distinguished for their scientific work as they took the bronze medal in the category of Engineering at the 25th International Conference of Young Scientists 2018, which was held from 19 to 24 April in Serbia. Specifically, Paraskevi-Marina Kandreli and Konstantinos Lolos were selected in the 12-member team that represented Greece.

Students who are selected to participate in the ICYS World Student Conference present scientific research and are evaluated by distinguished scientific committees both in oral and visual presentations. More than 230 works from 32 countries, from the most distinguished private and public schools, were presented at the conference.

The two students from Greece, led by the teachers Dimitris Koneta, Nikos Maretas and Giorgos Skargiotis, took advantage of their many-month award-winning work at the CanSat competition and focused on specific scientific aspects of their results to write scientific papers. The students’ work was related to the design and implementation of an experimental microsatellite system.

Work in the category of Environmental Sciences analyzed the recording of abiotic factors from the microsatellite while the work in the Mechanics category analyzed the parameters of controlling the autonomous landing at predefined coordinates.

Writing required an enormous effort. It is worth mentioning that it is the first time that pupils from Ioannina participate in the group representing Greece at this conference.

In their communiqué, point out: “This important success shows that the good cooperation of pupils and teachers from different public schools can produce culture and contribute to changing the culture of schools”.