Six million passengers in Greek airports in the first quarter of 2017

Things are improving for Greek tourism

The passenger traffic of Greek airports in the first quarter of 2017 increased by 6,6% compared to the corresponding period of 2016, reaching a total of 6 million passengers.

Specifically, according to the Civil Aviation Authority’s statistics for airport traffic in the first quarter of 2017, total passenger traffic reached 5,98 million from 5,61 million passengers in the first quarter of 2016.

The total number of flights to Greek airports was 60.009 (of which 36.261 domestic and 23.748 foreign), showing a decrease of 1,4% (-3,7% in domestic flights and +2,4% in foreign flights), compared to 2016 where there were 60.842 flights.

The statistics for March 2017 also show that 2,23 million passengers were transported via the Greek airports, up 5,5% from the same month of the previous year. Indicatively, the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Chania and Rhodes showed the largest passenger traffic for March, with total passenger traffic in March at El. Venizelos reaching 1,34 million, in Thessaloniki 409.000, Heraklion 93.500, Chania 82.000 and Rhodes 61.900.

The CAA also announced that, according to quarterly statistics (January – March 17), the airport with the highest passenger traffic growth rate is Paros Airport with 114,5% rise (10.000 passengers Quarter of 17 vs. 4.800 in the corresponding period of 2016).

Mykonos Airport recorded 98,9% passenger traffic growth (39.500 passengers compared to 19.900 passengers last year), while Skiathos airport had 62,7% as 2.800 passengers traveled in the quarter of 2017 against 1.716 passengers in the quarter of 2016.