Six people killed in shooting in the Czech Republic

Officers are still hunting for the gunman

A gunman opened fire today in a hospital in the Czech Republic killing six people and seriously injuring two others.

The suspect has committed suicide.
Officers have discovered the body of the 42-year-old alleged perpetrator, who had shot himself in the head, police tweeted.

The suspect entered the University Hospital Ostrava at around 7am this morning in the eastern Czech city of Ostrova, police said.

They had earlier released two photos of the suspect. One photo appeared to have come from a document, while another was taken from CCTV footage of the suspect walking down the hospital hall. The police have not released the man’s name.


The shooting happened around 7am Tuesday morning in the University hospital in the city of Ostrava, located 220 miles east of Prague.

Officials say people have been evacuated from the clinic. Police are boosting security across the country.

‘There are four dead and two seriously injured people on the site,’ regional police spokeswoman Pavla Jirouskova told the public Czech Television.