Size does not matter in sex…for condoms

A study showed men do not prefer wearing condoms

Size it seems does not matter at all, at least when it comes to the use of condoms since those men who try to avoid using prophylactics on the pretext that they are too small, in fact simply avoid using it for other reasons.

According to a large study carried out by the engineering company, SGS Engineering, which tried to find answers to whether the size of the penis can actually affect the correct and comfortable use of a condom came to some revealing conclusions, although many probably might have already guessed…

By conducting an experiment testing the condoms in an air compressor, the results proved that the condoms stretched more than the average size of the penis, which, according to an earlier study by the British National Institutes of Health in collaboration with King’s College London, was about 12 centimeters.

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A sample of about 1,000 Britons was used to investigate their views on condom use. Only 1/3 of sexually active young people aged 18-24 always use a condom, while 41% of sexually active people of all ages used it. 70% of the participants stated that the reason for not using a condom in every sexual intercourse is they preferred a different method of contraception, such as the contraceptive pill (24%) or the method of coitus interruptus i.e “pulling out” (13%).

But there were also more bizarre reasons. One in ten said they do not use condoms because “they have a strange smell”. About 20% refuse to use a condom during sexual intercourse because it is not comfortable, while 16% said they reduce pleasure and 8% that they forgot…. Although condoms have been proven to be up to 98% effective against unwanted pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted diseases, 15% of participants said they do not consider them reliable and are concerned they could break. But only 3% of all these fears are based on their experiences.

Natalie Richardson, a spokeswoman for SGS Engineering, said: “The findings are astounding – especially as some men seem to be against condom use, even though they are not considering other methods of contraception. Usually, the reason why men tell women to avoid using a condom is mainly for pleasure. However, in most cases, the risks far outweigh the benefits of ‘strong sensation’.

A further reason why there is no excuse for the size of the condom is that there are condoms on the market of all different sizes to accommodate all shapes and sizes.