Sizzling hot J.Lo in lingerie and $4.5 million jewels in new video clip! (sexy video-photos)

Is she really 48 years old?

As Jennifer Lopez sings in “Dinero,” she just wants the green, wants the money, wants the cash flow — and clearly, she also wants diamonds.
In the music video for J.Lo’s new single, the 48-year-old star accessorises her dozen-plus outfit changes with over $4.5 million worth of Tiffany & Co. jewels — including a $500,000 platinum and diamond bracelet and a $450,000 diamond necklace, according to People.
Multiple sparkling rings and chandelier earrings are also featured.
As if that weren’t enough to communicate the pop icon’s deep love of precious gems, Lopez is also seen using a jewel-studded bowling ball, brandishing her signature bedazzled coffee cup and wearing a crystallized New York Yankees cap (a clear nod to her baseball-star boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez) in the clip.