Slovenian PM: Greece could be kicked out of Schengen

He accused Greece of failing to protect EU external borders

Slovenian PM Miro Cerar accused Greece of failing miserably at protecting the external borders of the EU in an interview to German newspaper Die Welt. ‘The Greeks are not sufficiently guarding the EU Schengen borders, but are receiving financial aid for policing without using this help’, he said. Miro went one step further not ruling out the possibility of Greece being expelled from the Schengen area. ‘If Greece continues to show be irresponsible, the other Schengen members will soon examine all possibilities, because it is an existential matter’, Cerar pointed out. He continued by saying that even though Europe did have a humanitarian duty to take in refugees the union would be unable to integrate them if the numbers were too high, something that could lead to tensions between them and local populations. The Slovenian PM said that the refugee crisis should be addressed at its core which was the conflict in the middle east and the failed states in northern Africa.