Souvlaki: Who invented it, Greeks or Turks?

It goes as far back as Homer

Greece is renowned not only for its natural beauties and its sunbathed coastlines, but also for for its mouth-watering cuisine and healthy Mediterranean diet. A long standing misconception has been that one Greece’s most popular fast foods, souvlaki, was an adaptation of kebab which originated in the Middle East and was later adopted by the Greeks. Whether to take away, munch it on the spot or simply sit in the shop and enjoy it at your free moments, souvlaki and pita gyros have grown to be the most in-demand, convenient, and affordable food option anyone can come across in Greece.
In fact the origins of the souvlaki go way back in history. It was actually called obeliskos, mentioned in the works of Aristotle and others, it was a meat and bread recipe which is similar to the way pita souvlaki is served presently. The kebab-like recipe was a favourite in ancient Greece from time immemorial, as attested by the great ancient poet of the Odyssey and the Iliad, Homer. Nevertheless, excavations held by professor Christos G. Doumas, discovered stone pieces of barbecues for skewers used before the 17th century BC. Possibly even at a later date during the Byzantine era, there are also other references detailing how street vendors sold souvlaki with pita in Constantinople.

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