Spain: How the “Spanish Trump” kicked Pablo Iglesias out of politics

Iglesias described the triumph of the People’s Party, which he described as “Trump’s right”, as a “tragedy”

A political earthquake in Spain was caused by yesterday’s regional elections in Madrid, the most powerful and prosperous region of the country, as the percentages of the main opposition People’s Party (PP) doubled with the full help of the so-called by the press “Spanish Trump”, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Newspapers such as El Periodico or Público gave her the nickname “Spanish Trump”, while she is increasingly openly fishing for voters from the wider right part of the political spectrum.

Recently on Telecinco television station, Ayuso responded to the accusation that she has moved too far to the far right: “When you are being called a fascist, then you know that you are doing well, that you are on the right side of history”.

The strong woman of Madrid gave the “kiss of life” to her party that had achieved the worst election results in the elections in 2019 as well as the regional elections in Catalonia, last February, but also became the cause for the leader of Podemos , Pablo Iglesias, to resign and withdraw from politics.

With 99.9% of the votes counted, the People’s Party (PP) won 65 seats, the Más Madrid-Greens/EFA 24 seats, the same as the PSOE-S & D. Finally, the right-wing VOX won 13 seats and the Podemos 10.

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Iglesias described as a “tragedy” the triumph of the People’s Party, which he described as “Trump’s right”, after the name of former US President Donald Trump, as well as the good result for Vox party.

According to the results of yesterday’s regional elections in Madrid, Ayuso doubled the percentage of the People’s Party, reaching over 44% and taking 65 of the 136 seats in the regional parliament of Madrid.