Spain: Rajoy is out, Sanchez the new Prime Minister

Cataclysmic developments!

With 180 votes in favor and 169 against, the motion of censure against outgoing Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy passed on Friday.

This result means that the leader of the Socialists, Pedro Sanchez, who was the one who submitted the relative motion of censure, immediately takes his position.

The expulsion of Rajoy came after the decision of the Basque party to support the proposal of Sanchez, thus securing the necessary majority of more than 176 Members. Until the Basque announcement, the leader of the Socialists had 175 (98 Socialists, but also Podemos, United Left, Catalan separatists and smaller, local parties).

The result was also accepted by Rajoy himself when in his brief speech before the start of the vote he had said: “We can assume that the motion of censure will pass. As a result, Pedro Sanchez will become the new president of the government. ”

“It is my honor to leave Spain in a better condition than how I received it. I thank all the Spaniards and I wish you good luck, “added Mr. Rajoy.