“Stray Art Festival” to kick off in Syros (September 22-24)

3-day event to celebrate street culture

The weather is still very summery in Greece with temperatures approaching or even passing the 30 degree mark. The first “Stray Art Festival”, which is scheduled to kick off in the town of Ermoupolis on the island of Syros from September 22 till 24 is the perfect event to hold on to that summer feel. A slew of street and graffiti artists, along with about 40 musicians and actors and performers will meet up to celebrate street culture in a 3-day event on the island. The art of wall painting at the Neorion Shipyard will be the focus of this wondering celebration, with the 3-day event featuring 3-parts: The welcoming of the spectators at the end of the port stretch, before ushering them to the main road of happenings starting off at the Neorion and reaching the shipyard. This small journey will take visitors on a trip down a place mixing the sea breeze and the cosmopolitan urban environment and a memory long lost in the industrial era.

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