Streaming without borders: New EU law for online content (video)

EU citizens to be allowed to consume online conent across Europe

Europeans in the might be allowed to travel freely across countries in the Schengen Area, but using online content across the EU is a different matter. Copyright laws for creative producers is determined by national legislation within each EU member-state, meaning the “online” borders are still in place. New legislation by the European Parliament, however, is set to change this limitation. It will allow citizens within the EU to consume their online content wherever they travel. After a final vote this month, Parliament will make it possible for consumers to temporarily stream the same music, shows or movies anywhere in the EU. If you live for instance in Greece but you go on holidays or visit your family in the Netherlands or work in Spain, you will be able to access the services that you had in Greece in any other country in the Union, because the text covers the EU. Platforms will be able to check their subscribers’ country of residence, for instance by asking for a tax statement or phone bill.