Student punished for saying there are two sexes (video)

The teacher put him in detention for disputing the politically correct narrative of the days

A student in a British high school was thrown out of his classroom when he insisted there were only two genders, male and female, during a lesson.

A video of the student arguing with his teacher the teacher that punished him with detention has surfaced showing their difference of opinion and how the teacher is not willing to accept a view that goes against inclusiveness (apparently failing to grasp the irony of his claim).

At some point during their verbal exchange, the teacher can be heard asserting that it is a national school authority that demands students accept the new “gender” inclusive paradigm, where there a more genders than one, despite the science of biology proving otherwise. The student appears unshaken standing by his claims that there are two biological genders.

For any who have read George Orwell’s 1984 or seen the movie adaptation, the incident is quite scary as it is eerily similar to the scene where Smith is forced under the duress of torture to accept that the 4 fingers held before his eyes by his torturer are in fact 5 if the party says so.