“Super termites” set to emerge from Israeli soil in coming days

One colony of these insects can reach millions of people and travel up to 100 meters from their nests

A termite dubbed informally as the “super-termite” was found in Israel eight months ago, and now the Environmental Protection Ministry is working towards eradicating the dangerous species from the country, according to N12.

A specimen of the Formoson termite, first located in Petakh Tikva, known as the “most damaging termites in the world,” has finally been captured in an underground monitoring station and now the ministry is working towards a plan to rid the Jewish State of this invasive troublemaker.

The Formosan termite is known as the termite that is able to eat more and reproduce faster than any other termite.

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The origin of the species is believed to have come from China, later spread throughout the world following its insatiable appetite.

Termites are known for their ability to cause extensive damage that can result in high costs for extermination and repairs. More than a billion dollars in damage is caused by termites each year in the USA alone, according to NPR.

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