Supreme Court judge put a stop to lawsuits by parents against teachers over Covid-19 rules with circular

There has been a spike in cases of parents and citizens suing teachers and medical staff over compliance with Covid-19 rules

Supreme Court prosecutor Vassilis Pliotas issued a circular today, addressing the rising cases of in flagrante procedure exploited by parents and relatives of Covid-19 patients targetting teachers and doctors, respectively, by filing lawsuits against them.

Greece has seen an increase in incidents of citizens using legal means to nullify the implementation and observance of measures enacted by the state to battle the spread of the coronavirus, which resulted in public servants in the education and healthcare system being prosecuted under the law.

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The chief prosecutor with his circular instructs the prosecutors of the Court of Appeals and Courts of First Instance of the country, putting a “brake” on behaviours that try to prevent the observance of the measures instituted by the state to deal with the spread of Covid-19.

In particular, Mr. Pliotas laid out clear and detailed guidance to all his colleagues, based on the legislation, on the way in which anti-vaxxers and those who refuse self-tests should be treated by Justice when they file lawsuits against teachers, doctors, and nurses, as well as cases of forged certificates, which can exploit directed unsuspecting citizens.