Sweden: Women raped, authorities too busy

Something is seriously wrong in Sweden…

“Sweden,” stated its government in November 2015, “has a feminist government. We place gender equality at the heart of both national and international work… The overall objective of the Government’s gender equality policy is equal power for women and men to shape society and their own lives. This is ultimately a question of democracy and social justice.”

Wait a minute. Shouldn’t women living under a “feminist government” be able -at a bare minimum- to leave their homes without the fear of becoming victims of sexual assault?

22,000 sexual crimes were reported in 2017 to the Swedish police, 7370 of them rapes, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet, or Brå). That number corresponds to an average of 20 reported rapes per day – twice as many as in 2005. Those are just the reported rapes. In 2012, for instance, only 20% of all rapes were reported to the police, according to Brå.

Unlike what the Swedish media has been preaching for years -that most rapes occur in private settings and are committed against victims who know already their attacker- the large majority of rapes are, in fact, committed in the public sphere by men who have never previously met their victim, according to Brå. Out of the 842 men sentenced for rape or attempted rape in the past five years, noted a report by Svt Nyheter (Swedish Television) 58% were foreign-born – from the Middle East and North Africa, southern parts of Africa and other places outside of Europe. When it came to men sentenced for attempted rape, as well as violent rape, where victim and perpetrator did not know each other beforehand, 80% of the men were foreign-born and 40% had only been in Sweden for a year or less.

Getting the police even to file a report of an attempted rape against a woman is, to say the least, difficult – itself a sign that something is rotten in the “feminist” kingdom of Sweden.

In the little town of Deje in central Sweden, for example, an Afghan migrant, who lives at the migrant center in town, recently assaulted, knifed and attempted to rape a woman, Mikaela Blixt, as she was walking her dog in broad daylight.

The attacker first kicked Blixt’s small dog into the air, then forced Blixt to the ground and cut her hip with a knife. She managed to escape from her attacker and made it home with her dog. Shocked and bleeding, she tried to report the assault to the police…

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